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This game is a complex logical strategy game. Imagine that you are playing chess or checkers with an opponent who makes two moves in response to your one! It seems that such a game cannot be won - however, logical thinking will gradually take over. No matter how strong and fast the opponent is, a smart player will be able to outwit the enemy. You will be surprised when you begin to understand that there is a way out, even from the most difficult situation.

This game is not for everyone, but if "a feast of intelligence" is your element, then you will have great fun! If you manage to win once, don’t rush to rejoice, maybe it’s just an accident. Try to play again, will you be able to follow the same path and win again? It has been proven that if you act correctly, you will win no less than 99.9% of cases. This game is a truly difficult and severe test - but it develops the will and ability to solve even very difficult life situations. Challenge yourself!